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The agency for change.

We are Noir, an International branding, website & marketing agency. We create change for brands of the future.

We work with ambitious companies to help solve some of the most important creative challenges faced today.

Truth. We immerse ourselves into your world.

Truth. We immerse ourselves into your world.

We fiercely believe that creative solutions can only come from truth. To uncover the unique meaning behind your brand we conduct rigorous research in to your brand, the customers, the culture to get authentic insights and data that create the foundations of defining a transformational brand strategy.

Simplify. The strategy that drives the big brand idea.

Simplify. The strategy that drives the big brand idea.

We work alongside the core stakeholders within your brand to uncover what matters the most. We then work towards defining a strategy that is unique to you. One that drives big ideas and lives and breathes in absolutely everything you do.

Impact. Creating a meaningful brand that stands out.

Impact. Creating a meaningful brand that stands out.

We create a powerful brand identity with laser focussed brand messaging to ensure that the entire brand system is cohesive and unique. We then prototype the brand across all kinds of touchpoints.

Change. Delivering effective communication.

Change. Delivering effective communication.

From launching a new brand for a global financial consulting firm across 7 offices around the world to roll out a fashion brand across 16 stores. We work alongside our clients to plan and orchestrate how the brand is shared in the right way, with the most impact.

We’ve done it for some of the
world’s most ambitious brands

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Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

Co-Founder Jamie Sellars, talks to Head of Marketing from Queen Elizabeth Grammar School about the recent communications partnership we have formed.

Azat Mard

Co-founder Anthony Logan, talks with owners of Men's Fashion Brand Azat Mard about their upcoming Launch.


Anthony, Tina & Founder of Fitchef Matt Williams talk over the Fitchef Rebrand ahead of the Launch.

Our Story

Founded by Anthony & Jamie through a combined passion for Branding & Design. Having both spent years within the industry working for and with some of the worlds biggest brands, they wanted to create an agency that had truth at the heart of everything they did. Working alongside clients as part of their team and driving positive change to brands and companies through long term strategic partnerships. Noir aren’t afraid to say no to things we don’t believe in and if we aren’t having fun and trying new things out then we aren’t doing it right!

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